A food forest is a forest full of trees and plants that provide hundreds of edible fruits and nuts. 

Here is a list of reasons why you should consider creating a food forest



 More Fruit Variety, More flavor

  • Hundreds of edible varieties with all different flavors, colors and textures.
  • An example are apples with over 150 varieties. 
  • The best chefs around the world are creating their own gardens with multiple varieties to get the best flavors. 
  • More plant variety, means more seasons to pick edible plants, fruits and nuts. 

Benefits the Ecology

  • Lowers down C02
  • Lowers surrounding temperature when too hot. 
  • Absorbs excess of water and prevents flooding. 
  • Hundreds of birds, butterflies, bees and other animals find a new habitat. 
  • Forests create excellent surroundings for mushrooms
  • Cleans the air of general pollution

Impact on human health

  • A Variety of studies show that being out in the forest is beneficial for you.
  • Being out in nature calmes down nerves and improves work in (... Study)
  • Healthy local and organic foods are better for your health, improving immunity.
  • Has a positive team spirit aspect.
  • Healthy employees work better.